Gravity Worx E160FS E-Bike
The E160FS e-bike is truly the modern evolution of the bicycle. Featuring a carbon composite frame and wheels suspended on a high performance long travel DVO fork and shock, it will soak up the worst terrain you can dish out. The 250w Shimano DUE-8000 motor features dynamic pedal assist that changes power output automatically as you need it. The 504Wh battery resides inside the downtube behind an armored alloy panel for easy access and maximum protection from impacts. Finally, the drivetrain features a wide range 12 speed 10-51 tooth cassette and 1x rear derailleur for the optimum gearing when you need it. This culminates in a mountain bike that is both efficient and fun to ride up, and down, the mountain as often as you like.
Gravity Worx E160FS E-Bike Climbing
Descending on the E160FS
The frame is high pressure molded from a combination of carbon fiber grades. This makes it both light and strong, and better able to withstand impacts. All pivot points feature precision sealed cartridge bearings for smooth suspension movement. Finally, all cables are internally routed, but easily accessible for maintenance.
Suspension is provided by a DVO Diamond fork with adjustable high and low speed compression and rebound. The fork features an air spring and the proprietary OTT adjustment for complete adjustability. The rear shock is a DVO Topaz 2 trunnion mounted air shock with piggy-back reservoir. The air spring allows for a wide range of rider weights while maintaining performance.
The E160FS is available with a number of drivetrain options to fit the customer's request or needs. It can be built with Shimano XTR or XT, SRAM XDA wireless, XX1, or X01, or a world first Gravity Worx 1x12 speed wide-range drivetrain. The GW Rocket drivetrain is designed and manufactured by Gravity Worx for our bicycles. No other bicycle manufacturer in the world makes their own complete drivetrain. This allows us to bring ultimate performance and value to the customer.
Motor & Battery
The frameset is designed to utilize the Shimano DUE-8000 motor unit and an integrated E-8035 internal battery. The motor is a 250W unit with 3 modes of operation, Eco, Trail, and Turbo. Trail mode is dynamic and adjusts power output from 50% to 150% of input power automatically based on pedal input and speed. The battery is compact and contained in an alloy housing for easy transport in a backpack or case. It fits inside the downtube behind an alloy armored plate to protect it from rock strikes.
The E160FS features Gravity Worx 29" composite wheels. The hubs are Shimano XTR or XT units for microspline, or our own high performance hubs laced to our composite rims for XD driver. The rims are tubeless without rim tape, and most tires can be mounted without the use of an air compressor. The spokes are forged Sapim blanks that we custom cut and thread, and the nipples are forged alloy and lock to the spoke. Our valve stems use removable cores so that sealant can be added without breaking the tire bead. All wheels are hand built here in our shop.

Frame Geometry

Frame Geometry
Measurements are in millimeters