Why I built an e-bike
I created Gravity Worx in 1989 when I machined my first carbon fiber lug molds for a mountain bike frame. Back then mountain bikes were rudimentary and made from steel. I was young and fit, and I raced everything I could ride. Over the last 30 years, as materials and equipment progressed, I also became older and much heavier. After designing and building the lightest frames, wheels, and components, for the last 30 years, I found myself 48 years old and 289 pounds. If I didn't make a major change, I was going to die from heart disease or some other major medical issue. The problem was, riding where I live requires significant climbing at high altitude, and I just wasn't up to it anymore. The only thing that was going to meaningfully get me back on the bike for real exercise was going to be an e-bike. I looked at what was available and I wasn't impressed. There were some great commuter bikes, but no real mountain bikes with a motor and battery. Nothing capable of the type of riding I do, big technical climbs with long descents. I needed a long travel full suspension e-bike with a super strong and light frame and the most capable components. I built the E160FS to be that bike. It allows me to do long rides, with my significantly lighter friends, over any terrain I choose. It will do the same thing for you.
Gravity Worx E160FS E-Bike in action
Features, Components & Construction
  • We manufacture the frame using a full carbon composite layup, for higher strength, and lighter weight.
  • The motor is a Shimano STEPS E8000 unit featuring Eco, Trail, and Boost modes. Trail mode is dynamic and adjusts the power output based on wheel speed and pressure felt at the crank.
  • The battery is the new STEPS E8035 internal 504Wh unit. It integrates into the frame and resides behind an armored alloy cover plate for maximum protection. Run-time is up to 62mi.
  • We use Shimano XTR, Sram XDA wireless, or our own Gravity Worx Rocket 1x12 speed drivetrains, for the best shifting performance and widest range of gearing.
  • We design and build our own carbon composite wheels that are both stronger and lighter than other offerings. This allows us to tune the ride to our requirements.
  • We use DVO forks and shocks on our bikes. They have proven themselves over thousands of miles of riding, racing, and testing.
  • We also build our own carbon handlebars, stems, axles, hubs, brakes, bottom brackets, and complete drivetrains.

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Carbon Wheels & Components

We design and build ultra-strong & ultra-light carbon composite wheels and components

Gravity Worx carbon wheels are designed and built in-house to our exacting specifications. Featuring tubeless carbon rims with forged 18/8 SS spokes and locking alloy nipples, laced to our forged straight pull hubs.
Our rims are constructed using advanced composite materials and epoxies. They are stronger and lighter than competing rims. They are also tubeless without rim tape.
Our hubs use forged alloy bodies and axles, precision cartridge bearings, and freehub bodies for all common cassettes. They have splines for center lock disc as well as 6 bolt adapters.
We also manufacture our own carbon bars, stems, bottom brackets, axles, and other assorted components.
Introducing the E160FS
Part 2 of the E160FS first ride
Part 3 of the E160FS first ride
Gravity Worx Components