What we do at GravityWorx

For the last 5 years Gravity Worx has been manufacturing and selling high quality carbon fiber rims and wheels for a variety of uses, and in a range of sizes. We continuously drive composite technology forward in order to bring you better composite bicycle components. We have rims for bike shops, custom builders, and consumers in 27.5" and 29", in 22mm and 30mm Asymmetric, 25mm and 30mm widths in ultralight SuperComp, as well as 34mm and 44mm for plus bikes. We also make the strongest carbon fiber downhill and freeride rims you can buy. We have fatbike rims in 26", with 68mm and 80mm widths that are tubeless and double wall, and cyclocross/gravel bike rims in 700c. All of our rims have parallel bead walls for strength, beadlock technology to securely hold the tire bead, and are true tubeless rims. Our wheels have all of that technology, with the added benefit of straight pull hubs that we design and build ourselves, and spokes that we cut and thread for precise wheel construction.

SuperComp advanced composite wheelset

SuperComp advanced carbon composite wheels - 27.5" and 29" - 30mm and 25mm widths - Advanced rim in rim construction with high Tg resin - Molded spoke holes with internal reinforcement - X-Country, Trail, All Mountain, Enduro use - Hookless beadwalls, beadlocks, tubeless without rim tape - 1465g
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Reactor 30 Asymmetric Carbon Wheelset

$1,399 /set
Reactor 30 Asym Carbon Wheels - 27.5" and 29" - Asymmetric rim profile for even spoke tension - Proprietary Carbon/Kevlar composite with high Tg resin - 36mm external 30mm internal width - Trail, Enduro, Technical, Gravel use - Hookless beadwalls, beadlocks, tubeless without rim tape - 1590g
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Lobo 34 Carbon Wheels

Lobo 34 Carbon Wheels optimized for wider 2.5" - 2.8" tires. - 27.5" and 29" - Proprietary carbon layup for dynamic feel and impact resistance - Advanced multi-carbon layup pattern bonded with high Tg resin - 40mm external 34mm internal width - Downhill, Freeride, All Mountain, Enduro, Extreme Trail use - Hookless beadwalls, beadlocks, tubeless without rim tape - 1620g
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Gravity Worx Hubs

$399 /pair
Gravity Worx Hubs - Front widths of 100mm & 110mm boost - Rear widths of 142mm & 148mm boost - Straight pull hole patterns of 20, 24, & 28 - XD & HG freehub bodies - 6 pawl high POE hardened ratchet system for near instant engagement - 17mm axles front and rear with endcaps for QR, 12mm TA, & 15mm TA - 103g front 254g rear
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Active Design

Vertically Active & Laterally Stiff - Tubeless without rim tape

Our rims are designed to be very stiff laterally, for increased cornering control, but at the same time they are vertically compliant to smooth out the ride. The secret to this ride control is a spring effect designed into the rim body that allows the bead walls to flex outward during impacts and pressure spikes, then rapidly return to their original position. This is a continuous effect much like the spring on a shock absorber. At the same time, the bead wall is reinforced to ward off impacts and reduce pinch flats, and a beadlock is built into the rim bed to securely lock the tire bead in even at low pressures. The rim bed is smooth and sealed so tubless tires mount without needing rim tape.